Privacy Policy - Applications for kids Mingga Labs Ltd.

This privacy policy applies to all of our applications are designed and developed especially for the use of children henceforth applications.


One. - From information security


Our applications do not record or use personal or private information from its user or device in which the running.


Two. - Content Sale


The design of our application prevents the purchase of additional content is made ​​accidentally while using it, is forced through a section which protects parents and avoid purchasing without explicit permission from the parents.


Three. - Advertising


In our applications there advertising that may be construed as inappropriate for minors, in case of any advertising that is reviewed, approved and supervised by the editorial line Mingga Labs Ltd.


On the other hand, if any external links advertising with the application anyway these must go through the approval of the parent. In the same way that is done in purchasing content.


Please keep in mind that this is a living document which is subject to continual updates.

Last updated: July 12, 2013